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The Race begins with 8 Teams lined up in 8 lanes about 30 yards from the surf. At the start, your 4 guys with your 1st girl in the tube sprint down into the surf, around a buoy in calf deep water then back to the beach stopping at a cone. Here your female rider will disembark, run forward about 10’, pick up a 4’ long noodle, put one end on her forehead and the other straight up in the sky and do the IZZY DIZZY by making 7 rotations before staggering back and into the tube. The guys, now rested, sprint back to the start where they will exchange your 1st female for your 2nd and repeat the entire first leg. When they return with the 2nd female rider, one of the males and the third female will sprint down to the surf with a kayak and paddle it 40 yards out, go around a buoy then back to the beach. They will complete the race when both have sprinted back to their team and past the cone where they started. Your “Lane Official” will record your time. Your time will determine your place in the heat and the number of points your team will have earned. The winner of each heat advances to the Championship race.


Your team will be scheduled to report to the Surf & Turf Arena during one of 4 Preliminary Session; 9:30 AM; 10:30; 11:30; or 12:30. Report and check in during your designated Session. Your team will then be assigned to run in an up-coming heat during that hour. Place first in your heat and you’ll be advanced to the Championship rounds beginning at 1:30 PM.

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