Beach Dodgeball

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3 men and 3 women, with substitutions allowed at the start of each new match, should you advance.


Win and advance by eliminating all the members on the opposing team or by having the most members standing when time runs out.


This highly anticipated tournament will be played within an 8 court net-enclosed coliseum. (see diagram in Rules & Regulations below) Sixteen paired off teams will start at the same time in each round but only the winners will move on until all but one of the 160 teams are terminated or declared the ultimate TERMINATOR! Single Elimination Tournament – Each match you win will advance you on to the next round and you will receive additional points for each win. Your team will be scheduled to compete in a one hour Preliminary Session (9:30 AM; 10:30; 11:30; or 12:30). If you win enough matches and reach the Semi Finals during your Preliminary Session, you will advance to the 1:30 PM Championship Round. To be Champions, you will have to win 6 or 7 straight matches all together. Good Luck!

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